Under ideal conditions at Ballarat yesterday the Americain mare notched up her third victory when she stepped up to the BM58 1600 and  it was her second win at the track. She was given an outstanding ride by young appprentice Madison Lloyd with her 1.5kg claim to bring the horse in nicely at the weights with 57kg. Madison came down from Swan Hill just for the one ride for us and is forming a strong association with Eden Racing with 4 rides for 2 wins and 2 fourths. Congratulations to Managing Owner Daryl Purvis, who bred the horse, and his enthusiastic group of owners enjoying the ride with him.

With the win under her belt Ffityonestates will now look to get out to her pet distance around the 2000 plus range.

We are looking for yesterday’s win to kick off a big week for the Shea and his team with a runner today on Cup Day in Ocular and on Thursday a big day with Housay in the Greys race and Polanco and Indiana Lilly in the final of the Melbourne Cup Carnival Series worth $500,000. Shea believes they are all live chances. The very best of luck to all connections.

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